Our Process

Our Process

STEP 1: Requirement Analysis
ico.news1The first step invariably is requirement gathering. Understanding the requirements is critical to the success of any project, and this is precisely why we emphasize on meticulously gathering information about your needs.


STEP 2: Feasibility Study
ico.news1Project implementation is not possible without running a feasibility study. Feasibility evaluation is a critical process that is carried out in order to identify and unravel the pros and cons of a proposed project.

our process
STEP 3: Test Strategy and Design
ico.news1The choice of test approaches or test strategy is one of the most powerful factor in the success of the test effort and the accuracy of the test plans and estimates. The purpose of a test strategy is to clarify the major tasks and challenges of the test project. For every stage of development design, a corresponding test strategy should be created to test the new feature sets.


STEP 4: Test case Development

Once the product is developed, it is time for it to be deployed. The finished product needs to put in operational mode and tested for its functionality. Our “products” are carefully tested in order to verify if the product is working as per the expectations and exactly meets the objectives behind its design and development.


STEP 5: Test case Execution

Test case Execution phase in the software development life cycle is one of the most crucial components of the quality management process. It requires that testing begin as early as possible in the development process and that it continue all the way through implementation.


STEP 6: Implementation
Once it is confirmed that the product is fully operational and works as per the expectation, the natural progression is delivery to the client. It is the client who would use the product and hence once completed, the fully functional product is handed over and the client will be educated about the various functionality and characteristics of the given product.

STEP 7: Maintenance


Our association and relationship with you continues even after the successful completion of the project. We don’t censure our ties after the delivery of the product and continue to offer you support and maintenance services.