Open Data / Open Cities

Open Data / Open cities

Intellizim offers:

  • Management consulting
  • Solutions to make open data useful for the municipality, city, state, and nation
  • Citizen engagement layer with open data for real time transactional information for making informed decisions

In May 2015, over 70 countries around the world gathered in Ottawa, at the 3rd International Open Data Conference held by the Treasury board of the Government of Canada. The dominant theme was “citizen engagement is a must”.

Open data has to be useful, contextual, timely, and trustworthy. At Intellizim, we are thought leaders and active contributors to the global open data initiative. Working together with government institutions, we assist in solving the following issues:

  • For granted relationship between people and city authorities
  • Ambiguity of agencies – hard to understand who governs and who is responsible
  • Filtering and sorting data – data is in abundance but since most of it isn’t contextual in regards to where we live, work, or play, the citizens can’t properly utilize it for informed decisions to improve the quality of life
  • Lack of trust – data is only as good as how well you can trust it
  • Low interaction rate – in Scandinavian countries as well as many other countries, transparency is in the DNA of government services, but there’s a low rate of interaction between citizens and government