Trusted e-Identity Services


Intellizim view is “The World of Seven Billion”. Majority of the people are exposed to unsettled markets, unreliable public services, politically unstable environment, hard to enforce law and order and so on. At Intellizim, we believe that strategies to organize even small components of this chaos through technology have the potential to create and capture more long-term value.

  • Safe, Secure and Trusted globally unique online identity service
  • Accountability and genuineness of the user accounts
  • Individual online credibility score
  • One account for accessing multiple systems
  • Help desk support for user registration, account maintenance and trouble hooting
Our mindset is about effective use of resources can wring the waste out of the system, helping governments, businesses, and citizens increase productivity, to the economic benefit of all. We work with the following objectives:

  • Long term approach, partner with far-sighted investors and businesses
  • Work with an infrastructure-first Master Plan
  • Open to operate in regional markets, with a belief in a nation-building agenda and a long-term orientation towards creating value.

Governments around the world are stuck – financially, politically or both. They can’t be relied on to single-highhandedly address the problems of urbanization or to conceive solutions, such as efficient electrification and reliable public transit, that will drive economic growth

Global information and communications technology companies can move into strategies to help stabilize unsettled markets and extend resource productivity.

–Harvard Business Review, Jul-Aug 2013 on ‘The Big Idea’