eGovernance & Smart Cities


ico.news1e-Governance has come a long way from its original term of electronic governance. Internet has played a significant role and the new mobile devices are pushing it to a new form termed as “Mobile Governance.”

While significant work has already been done across the world in e-Governance from the basics of providing information, enabling transaction, and bringing public and private services to the doorsteps of citizens etc. The next generation transformation phase calls for a single point of contact to the citizens and driving up efficiencies and customer satisfaction to highest levels in the society.

  • Intellizim provides management consulting
  • Development of systems and methods
  • Technology platform and solutions for e-Governance

Smart Cities:


Intellizim offers innovative services to successfully transition in to a smart city. Our smart solutions for efficient use of available assets, resources, and infrastructure with the objective of enhancing the quality of urban life and to provide a clean and sustainable environment. We offer location based (community, city, state, nation or worldwide (global), bidirectional citizen engagement solutions that can be deployed for multiple purposes such as social welfare, safety and security, administration, health care, educational, and environmental matters.

Modules Offered:

  • Cloud based communication and collaboration
  • Cloud based secure inter departmental collaboration
  • Services management
  • Capital asset management, tracking and utilization
  • Real site view
  • e-Identity services
  • Instant polling services and consensus services for gathering opinion
  • Safety & Incident management
  • Dashboard and Reporting