Citizen Engagement Systems

Citizen Engagement System

Our core competency is in our ability to take on large complex business or social problems, simplify them and provide a solution. When people become ‘citizens’, it implies a responsible role in the community, city or the nation that they belong to.

Intellizim has studied this concept in great detail and advances the concept of eCitizens for engaging responsibly in the online world.

We offer a bi-directional communication system that can be location based and connects:

  • People to people (P2P)
  • People to business (P2B) / business to people (B2P)
  • Company / community specific Online chat & video
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • People to government (P2G) / government to people (G2P)
  • Government to Government (Inter agency coordination) (G2G)

The above systems can be deployed in different types of moderation methods.