Intellizim Corporation

Bringing the 21st century mindset in communication and collaboration

ico.news1Intellizim Corporation is a company specializing in collaboration of private and social media and business consulting. The company exploits the power of internet based technologies to deliver the very best in network intelligence for individuals, companies, and communities.

About Us

We provide fit for purpose solutions to our clients

Intellizim Corporation is a federally registered Canadian business, with its head offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company focuses on product development and leverages the power of modern database systems specializing in cloud based deployment. It has developed innovative solutions and new communication & collaboration systems that run on multiple devices. At Intellizim, we solve complex problems streamlining technology, people, assets, and resources as end to end solutions. Whether it is developing good management systems for project & construction execution, infrastructure, health, education or a governance platform for a public system, we work diligently with our clients to deliver unmatched value.

Mission & Vision



To build products that exploit the power of modern technology & database systems and to deliver unmatched value to our clients for better management, e-governance, security and social welfare.



To be the world leaders in connecting people, professionals and the public systems, locally, regionally and globally to deliver the very best in network intelligence.

Our Company

Who we are?

Intellizim brings you the best in class services for digital media, collaboration and business consulting. We are a company that collaborates with our clients in unique ways to enable transparent access to your projects and their progress. Our integrated approach is designed to deliver higher work value for the same dollar cutting out inefficiencies and overheads.

At Intellizim, we have dedicated company resources responsible for the delivery of our services to the finest levels of your satisfaction Our team has access to a wide range of talent pool consisting of professionals to to bring you the best in resources locally, regionally, and globally Eliminating the location specificity, we are positioned for seamless execution of our services to give you unmatched value exploiting our network intelligence. Please feel free to contact us for your all your digital media, collaboration, and business consulting needs.

Core Values

Intellizim core values are based on the five principles of network intelligence:


  • Collaboration
  • Openness and transparency
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Interdependence
  • Integrity