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Intellizim has gained experience in various cutting edge technologies by successfully delivering the projects below.

Realzim eSociety- a SMART engagement Network

Realzim eSociety is a SMART – Safe, meaningful, accountable, relevant and trusted location based engagement Network. It bridges the gap between people, businesses and institutions for things that really matter. SMART Citizens and smart mayor’s make cities smart; technology alone can’t do it. Built on this paradigm, along with the fundamental tenets of safety, trust, and accountability, Realzim is an online intensifier and positive enabler where one person can make a difference.

Based on a trusted, unique global digital account, an individual can now harness the power of internet and go beyond sharing to caring on a scale as never before – across the neighborhood, city, country or the world. Realzim eSociety is an online eco-system that replicates our neighborhood, marketplace, needs and benefits, town hall, etc. where individuals, businesses, focus groups, and associations can interact and thrive without the noise and obscurity that prevails in the internet. Realzim is the first to offer a global SMART Citizen Card™ and introduce ZIM Factor™ – an online credibility index for people and businesses on the internet to truly enable a Global Digital Person™.
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Teknoplant PACE

PACE – SMART Execution & NextGen Collaboration: for Cities, building and industrial projects
Teknoplant’s flagship product PACE – Platform for Advanced Collaboration and Execution PACE is a cloud based solution for industrial projects and construction for front line engagement. It offers a ground breaking innovation for “Socialization of Project Management and Execution™”. Its people centric approach brings “mindfulness” in to the existing paradigm of data and document based work processes. PACE picks up from where classical GANTT based project planning methods end. Going beyond planning, PACE allows to share, own, execute and complete activities in highly agile, fast paced and often unpredictable environment that the industry faces during execution.

Teknoplant PACE is a NextGen Collaboration™ system that brings owners, contractors and the task force together on one common platform for project success. It connects the top floor to the shop floor, built ground up on a social media paradigm to engage the last man in the crew for S.M.A.R.T. Project Execution™ (Safe, Measurable, Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent). It focuses on reducing indirect costs through active management and allows front line personnel to be engaged with Plans, Estimates and Engineering from the corporate office or the construction management team. Teknoplant solutions speeds up schedules, cuts costs, promote productivity, health and safety.

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Intelliplant Ltd is a dynamic enterprise which draws vital support from its various individual entities to be able to execute turnkey projects, swiftly and efficiently. At Intelliplant Ltd. talented people with widely diverse experience enable us to work effectively with any project team during all phases of construction. At the forefront of our ever-changing industry, we are constantly exploring and developing new technologies and methods.
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Some of our technology expertise include:

  • Cloud based systems development and deployment databases such as MYSQL
  • Frameworks such as PHP fox, content management systems such as Joomla
  • Word press core programing in PHP, Java , AJAX
  • Designing on responsive platforms such as HTML5
  • Incorporating mobile messaging and validation
  • Integrating credit card and PayPal transactions
  • Amazon web services
  • S3 Storage
  • Load balancing
  • Mail server setups
  • Database management